Babies & Bumps Exclusive Offers

Thank you so much for coming to Babies and Bumps and for your interest in Simpli Whole! And congratulations on your pregnancy!

We wanted to provide some special offers for Babies & Bumps attendees, so please see below for those offers:

Telehealth Session

10% off your first telehealth session

Please enter code BABIES at check-out after you’ve completed your first telehealth visit

Telehealth visits are available to those residents of the State of Ohio. Services are out-of-network though an invoice can be provided to attempt reimbursement from your insurance provider. Payment is due at time that services are rendered.

pelvic floor physical therapy

Virtual Prenatal and Postpartum Coaching

If you have questions or want help with preparing for baby but aren’t quite sure that you need formal physical therapy, a virtual coaching session may be for you.

Use Code BABIESCOACHING on check-out to receive 10% off your first session.

Coaching sessions are available nationwide and payment is due at time services are rendered.


Expecting and Empowered

We’ve partnered with Expecting and Empowered to bring you a discount to their comprehensive prenatal, postpartum, and beyond workout programs. Their workout programs are designed by a physical therapist and RN/ personal trainer and take you through every step of pregnancy and beyond.

With code SIMPLI, you can receive $20 off an annual subscription and $5 off a monthly subscription

expecting and empowered

5 Exercises to Start Postpartum

Sign-Up to get your free mini-guide for postpartum exercises. Learn the 5 exercises you should start after baby arrives.

postpartum exercises

Prepare Your Pelvic Floor for Childbirth: A Guide

This FREE guide will take you through how to prepare your pelvic floor for childbirth. And it’s only free for a limited time.

Get your guide!

prepare your pelvic floor

Products and Resources we LOVE

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  2. Squatty Potty
  3. LilleBaby
  4. Storq
  5. Bump Boxes
  6. Peanut App
  7. Grokker
  8. Hungry Root
  9. Kindred Bravely

Please feel free to send any questions you have about the pelvic floor, sessions, or products to [email protected]