A Weekly Workout Plan: 7 Days of Workouts

One type of post that I always enjoy reading are round-ups of people's weekly workouts and meal round-ups. Staying healthy and incorporating fitness into your routine doesn't have to be hard, but seeing how others do it can provide inspiration. Read on to learn about my weekly workout plan. In this post, you can learn how I balance a week of workouts to avoid injury and promote performance.

What to Include in a Weekly Workout Plan

To create a balanced week of workouts, it's important to include a variety of types of exercise. There are 4 (5 if you include rest) types of activity to include in your plan. Those include:

  • Aerobic: running, walking, cycling, swimming
  • Strengthening: weight-lifting, body-weight exercise
  • Balance: yoga or incorporate balance challenges into strengthening exercises
  • Stretching: individual stretches, yoga

There are certainly many variations of workouts and even recommendations depending on what your goals are. However, if your goal is to maintain health, possibly lose weight, and prevent injury, these are the three things I would include.

Mistakes to Avoid with a Weekly Workout Plan

With a 7-day workout plan, there are some mistakes to avoid. For example, not allowing rest or continuing the same, repetitive exercise. Mistakes to avoid with a weekly workout plan include:

Not Incorporating Rest Days

Muscles, especially muscles that are being worked out, need time to rest and recover. Working out causes micro-tears and inflammation in muscles, and rest is when the body is able to repair those muscles. If you don't incorporate rest days, you may be setting yourself up for injury and fatigue. This can lead to decreased exercise performance. Be sure to practice good sleep hygiene as well for the added rest and restore benefits.

Training the Same Muscle Groups

Only focusing on the same muscle groups or focusing on them too frequently can cause muscular imbalance and increase the chance for injury. Be sure to focus on a variety of muscle groups throughout your weekly workout plan.

Ignoring Pain

Any workout plan that is challenging may cause some aches and soreness. Soreness that lasts for less than 24-48 hours is completely normal. Pain, however, is not normal. Joint pain or sharp, stabbing pain should not be ignored. If you experience joint pain, try modifying the exercise. Avoid this exercise and consider rest if pain does not improve.

My Weekly Workout Plan

Here is my weekly workout plan from the last week of August! In addition to incorporating various types of exercise, I also find that it's important to include things you ENJOY. Because if you're not going to do the exercise, it doesn't matter how good it is.


System of Strength 30 Minute Workout

Upper Body Strength: Chest and Back




Expecting & Empowered 30 Minute Strength and Cardio Workout

(Use code SIMPLI for $20 off an annual subscription or $5 off a monthly subscription!)


Core Strength Session


60 Minute Hot Yoga: In-Person


Lower Body Strength Session


45 Minute Walk with Dogs & Kid

Since I'm currently dealing with a bit of an annoying plantar fasciitis problem and treating that on my own, I am not incorporating running right now and avoiding anything that aggravates it. Walking (with orthotics!) seems to be fine.

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