About 50% of pregnant women experience some type of lumbopelvic pain or sacroiliac joint pain during pregnancy. 25% of women continue to experience pain up to a year postpartum. Pain in these areas can make it hard to perform normal daily activities. Not to mention if you want to keep running or lifting during pregnancy. While these problems are common (and some may argue normal) during pregnancy, the good news is you can improve and even prevent the aches and pains.

Weakness in the glut muscles contributes to low back and sacroiliac pain. Strengthening the glut max helps improve ability for these joints to sustain loads during daily activity and exercise. Stronger glut muscles will help support your low back and pelvis throughout all the repetitive movements that happen in a normal day.

How To:

Start with one set of 10 for each exercise and progress to 2-3 sets of 10 as this gets easier. You can add a resistance band to the single leg bridge, fire hydrant exercise, and prone hip extension. Stand over a table/ counter or lay flat on your stomach to perform the prone hip extension. If you’re pregnant, take care to avoid laying on your back for extended periods of time in the third trimester.

Enjoy! These are great exercises to add in for anyone especially if you’re experiencing pain, but I think they’re also great to help prevent knee pain if you’re a runner or participate in another type of athletic endeavor.

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