Assessing diastasis at home can be quick and easy and can give you a starting point and some information to bring up with your healthcare provider.

Step 1

Lie down on your back with your knees bent

Step 2

Place your index and third finger above the belly button (fingers are side by side and not separated) and pointed slightly towards your feet

Step 3

Raise your head and shoulders off the ground until the bottom of the shoulder blades are off of the surface and feel for any gap or dip below the fingers

Step 4

Lower back down and repeat at the belly button and a few centimeters below the belly-button

This is not a self assessment video, but the steps are the same. It’s totally normal to find different widths at different spots. The most common sites for DRA are at the belly-button and right above, but everyone is different.

I hope this helps! Check out my other resources for diastasis.

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