Why Choose Simpli Whole?

 At Simpli Whole Pelvic Health and Wellness, we provide 1-on-1 care to fit your busy schedule and lifestyle. At Simpli Whole, we can help you on your journey to regain control of your bowel or bladder issues and live a pain-free, active lifestyle. We provide cash-based physical therapy services that are designed not only to find the problem but fix it and allow you to lead a life free from pelvic floor issues. So, schedule an evaluation with us, or if you’re still not sure, schedule a 15 minute discovery call to best determine if pelvic floor physical therapy is the best place for you. Let us help you live the active life you want to live through all phases of life!

We provide in-home physical therapy services to Franklin, Delaware, and Union Counties

Telehealth services provided within the state of Ohio


When you work with Simpli Whole…

A customized 1-On-1, experience

Our top priority is meeting your individual needs.  You can enjoy the results of a personalized, evidence-based plan of care provided by  a passionate physical therapist who you know and trust. This 1-on-1 experience will allow you to reach your goals fast while promoting a better overall experience.

Not dictated by insurance limitations

Simpli Whole functions on a cash-based model, so you are free from the restrictions of insurance companies and can receive the care that is necessary.  Your treatment isn’t limited to what insurance says you need. Our pricing is transparent, so you know what you are paying up front.  

A variety of treatment options

Not only do we offer in-home care for those in the Franklin, Union, and Delaware Counties, our clients can also benefit from telehealth and online programs (coming soon!). No matter where you are, we can help you take control of your pelvic health journey.

Not sure if Pelvic Floor PT is for you?

Click the link below to reach out and find out more about pelvic floor physical therapy.