5 Postpartum Recovery Essentials You Must Have

The postpartum period is an interesting one. There is so much to learn and so much to prepare for when it comes to having the best postpartum recovery. It can be easy to get caught up in getting every gadget and gizmo (cue The Little Mermaid song- I do have a toddler in the house). There is a never-ending list of essentials. It's impossible to be 100% prepared for the postpartum time. Read on to learn about 5 postpartum recovery essentials.

Top 5 Postpartum Recovery Essentials

  • Peri Bottles: Peri bottles are a lifesaver whether you delivered vaginally or via cesarean. Start with a little bit of water (I recommend lukewarm water) in the bottle. Spray lightly on the perineum after going to the bathroom to help ease discomfort by avoiding excessive wiping/ rubbing.
  • Squatty Potty: Squatty potties are great even if you didn't just have a baby. In the postpartum time, squatty potties help promote normal bowel movements and help decrease discomfort. The squatty potty allows the pelvic floor muscles to relax. It also helps to decrease the need to strain which can put unwanted pressure on the pelvic floor.
  • Padsicles: Plain old pads with witch hazel applied are so soothing and comforting. Liquid witch hazel is placed on the pad, then pop it in the freezer. Padsicles are a gentle way to ice the perineum with tearing or episiotomy. However, they can also help ease soreness despite the type of delivery you had. Along the same lines as the padsicles, Dermaplast spray is also helpful!
  • Feeding Pillow: This one isn't related directly to the pelvic floor, but a feeding pillow covers so many bases. It can help with positioning during breastfeeding by bringing your baby closer to you. This helps decrease hunching forward positions that can cause neck and back pain. I highly recommend Boppy. See link below for Boppy Products.
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  • Water Bottle: I highly recommend a water bottle that is easy to open and close. Preferably get one with a straw, so that you can toss it next to you without fear of it spilling and open easily when a baby is occupying your hands.

In addition to these essential products, having trusted guidance with your recovery and return to exercise are key. Check out our guide for recovery after vaginal delivery as well as after c-section. These guides provide comprehensive guidance in your postpartum recovery journey.

Extra Postpartum Recovery Essentials

Earth Mama Organics has wonderful postpartum recovery essentials and bundles with everything in one.

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Booby Tubes- ice packs for mamas

Organic Nipple Butter

Organic Herbal Sitz Bath

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of postpartum essentials, if you can start with these 5 things, you'll be on the road to making recovery easier!

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