A Pregnancy Subscription Box with Everything You Need

A pregnancy subscription box is the perfect essential self care item for any expecting mom. It hasn't been that long since I was pregnant, but I am so bummed that I hadn't heard of subscription boxes during pregnancy as I have now. Being pregnant for the first time, I did a lot of googling to figure out what would and wouldn't help me during pregnancy. However, if you take a look at a pregnancy subscription box, the right one can provide you with everything you need. And that's without all of the Googling!


Even though I don't have personal experience with a pregnancy subscription box, unfortunately, after lots of research I can confidently talk to its benefits. While there are a variety of subscription options, one brand that I have been recommending is Bump Boxes. This post will provide an overview of what Bump Boxes are and give a good overview of how it might help you!


What is a Bump Box?

Bump Boxes deliver non-toxic, chemical-free, “natural” products monthly specifically for pregnant women and soon-to-be mamas. Based on your due date, the products are curated for you and designed to support and pamper you throughout your pregnancy.

Bump boxes arrive each month, and there are a variety of subscription options from 6 months to 12 months to a month-to-month subscription. Each box will provide 5 full size products such as skincare, pregnancy specific food or drinks, or maternity clothing.

If you continue bump boxes until your baby gets older, items transition to things like postpartum essentials. You can also start to get things like bibs, teething rings, and other products as you transition into "Bitsy Boxes."

How can a Pregnancy Subscription Box Help?

I think this subscription would be a great option to try because of the large value and variety of products! It could also make a great gift for a soon to be mom.

Each box is valued at over $60 and if you get the longest subscription, you only have to pay $38.99/ month and $26.99 for the first box! You can bet I'll be giving this as a gift!

Costs of the Bump Boxes Subscription:

  • Month by month plan- $49.99/mo
  • 6-month subscription- $42.99/mo
  • 9- month subscription- $39.99/mo
  • 12-month subscription- $38.99/mo
  • Shipping is FREE within the US
  • FREE returns

30% off first box with a 12 month subscription

40% off first box with a 9 month subscription

50% off first box with a 6 month subscription

Okay, also, I haven't checked this out, but a DAD BOX! How fun?


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