Pelvic Floor Exercises during Pregnancy: A Guide
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Maintaining good pelvic floor health during pregnancy is essential for the overall well-being of expectant mothers. The
10 Benefits of Morning Exercise and How to Get St
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Have you thought about starting a morning workout routine? As a self-proclaimed "morning person," I find the morning t
How to Fix a Prolapse without Surgery
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If you've landed on this page, then chances are you probably know what prolapse means. Or maybe you've heard of it but
When to Start Exercise after C-Section: A Guide f
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Getting back to exercise after baby can be daunting regardless of how you delivered your baby. However, if you had a c
10 Hip Exercises: How to Improve Strength and Fle
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The hips are muscles that many people may overlook when it comes to injury. As a physical therapist, I know that hip s
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & Coaching Services
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At Simpli Whole we offer a variety of services for our clients. In order to meet the needs of new and expectant moms,
A Weekly Workout Plan: 7 Days of Workouts
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One type of post that I always enjoy reading are round-ups of people's weekly workouts and meal round-ups. Staying hea
How to Be Physically Fit: 10 Simple Tips
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At its core, learning how to be physically fit comes down to how you move and what you put into your body. However, th
How to Get Rid of Constipation Fast at Home Natur
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Constipation can wreak havoc on daily plans and quality of life. It's uncomfortable and inconvenient. Who has time to
The Best Sitting Position after Normal Delivery
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Recovering from childbirth involves a variety of factors. Learning the best sitting position after normal delivery isn
6 Weeks Postpartum What to Expect and What to Do
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A 6 weeks postpartum, you may start to feel somewhat like a human again. If not, it's totally fine. However, you may b
How to Take Care of Yourself during Pregnancy: 9
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Knowing how to take care of yourself during pregnancy may seem like it should be intuitive. If you're anything like me

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